TeamWe at ZibraSoft understand that the single most important asset in the software development industry is people. Throughout many years of operations, it has constantly sought to retain top professionals. Most of those who helped us launch the company are now part of senior management and form a solid backbone for intra-company relationships.

Our Project Management and Sales teams closely work with clients to create clear specifications which address each client’s individual priorities. They interface with the client and the development team to ensure clear communications.

Most of ZibraSoft’s software engineers hold a Master or a PhD degree from top engineering schools and possess over five years of industry experience. We pride itself in the established workflow processes, both with off-shore development and with onsite management and deployment.

All of the team members have at least five years of experience in the field and are certified professionals. Staff education and certification endorsement program are in place. Most employees are English speakers.
How It Works
How It Works Development team is divided into functional groups depending on employees’ experience and skills. Role assignments are made according to the process selected for given the project, but usually for medium and large-size projects project team consists of the following groups:
  • Management (project and group leaders);
  • Analysis and Design (system analysts and system architects);
  • Engineering (developers, database administrators);
  • Quality Assurance and Control (reviewers, testers, test designers);
  • Design and Usability (art designers, interface designers);
  • Infrastructure Support (system administrators who maintain network, source control system, defect tracking system, workspace and build environment);
  • Technical Writers and Translators.

Project teams are formed on components & roles basis, i.e. experts that belong to various function teams and a team leader are assigned to a certain project area. One team member can combine several roles if work scope of the component to be developed is relatively small.