Mobile App Testing Company India

Zibrasoft Technologies has a dedicated team of extremely talented, customer-focused and diligent professionals with a diversified skill set in QA and Testing.Zibrasoft is a heading towards with the vision to establish as a global leader in high-end QA and Testing services. It has experience in working with multiple software platforms of high complexity including complex software systems like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Web Content Management System (WCMS), ERP and high volume and high traffic consumer website. We have experience in providing QA as an extension of our development services or as an independent project.

QA and Testing Company India

Extensive experience in Mobile Apps Testing,Web Application Testing, performing QA/Testing on a variety of architectures – Web-based, Client-server and Mobile Apps Testing, Java, .Net
Experience with different types of Web application and Mobile Apps testing
Different types of testing
  • Functional
  • Regression
  • Performance
  • Stress
  • Usability
  • Smoke
  • SDK
Component – Using manual and automated approaches
Expertise in Agile testing using Agile Testing tools and processes for different development methodologies – RUP, Agile, Waterfall, etc.
  • Behavioural Testing
  • Testing Functionality, Usability
  • Testing on both desktop/browser and mobile applications
  • Testing for Compatibility with different platforms
  • Testing Integrated systems
  • Structural Testing
  • Unit testing of code developed by Developers
  • Test Automation
  • Script writing & usage of Automation tools
  • Consulting in Automation feasibility
  • Performance testing
  • Internally developed framework for performance testing based on open source tools.
  • Cloud based testing
  • Performance tuning services
Performance Testing Deliverables
Performance Testing Deliverables
Performance Testing Deliverables
  • Various Performance Analysis Reports
  • Performance and load testing Scripts
Processes & Control
Processes & Control
  • Comprehensive Project Plans
  • Schedule & Milestones; Resourcing
  • Regular updating & tracking
  • Well Defined Communication Plans
  • Communication at all Levels
  • Program Management Calls
  • Extensive Report Suite for Control
  • Project Status / Review Meetings
  • Custom Dashboard to keep everybody informed
  • Regular Conference Calls/ GoToMeeting Sessions between teams
  • Encouragement of face-to-face meetings for larger projects
  • Potential Risks & Risk Mitigation Plan

Mobile App Testing Services

Mobile App Testing
Testing a mobile application has a set of different challenges due to the different kinds of operating system, form factor, manufacturers, and network operators etc that increase the device testing challenge. Few important aspects of mobile testing Involves:
  • User interface and usability
  • Battery Life
  • Network connectivity and response time
  • Handling different screen resolutions
  • User Input – Keyboard/Touch
  • Supported Platforms:
  • Handling Phone activities like Call, SMS, MMS, Bluetooth when the application is active.
  • Testing the application for the required specifications.

IPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Java enabled phones, Symbian phones tested using both simulators and actual devices.
The Methodology Consists of the Following 10 Steps:
  • Set Goals and System boundaries
  • Select Metrics
  • List Parameters
  • Select Factors to Study
  • Select Evaluation Technique
  • Select Workload
  • Design Tests
  • Run, Analyze and Interpret data
  • Define Components and possible outcomes
  • Present Results

Client Empowerment
  • Complete Visibility of Project Progress
  • Full control over Resourcing
  • clearly defined Escalation mechanism
Performance Testing
Performance Testing
  • Internally developed framework for performance testing based on open source tools.
  • Cloud based testing
  • Performance tuning services